We have a .cat for every need

From a domain for your website to a personalised e-mail address, as well as proposals for non-profit organisations and businesses. .cat accompanies you throughout your digital adventure!

The .cat domain

The ideal domain to position yourself in a market with over 10 million consumers. Gain segmentation, visibility and consistence and make your strategy stand out.

.cat e-mail

Get out of the herd and differentiate yourself with your .cat email. Configure alies, add as many additional mailboxes as you need and get up to 5 Gb of space.
Bet on yourself!


If your organisation is non-profit, so is your .cat! We help you improve or create your on-line presence with a .cat, advanced hosting and 10 e-mail accounts at a supportive price.


Develop the website you have in mind and promote yourself and your project! .cat domain + advanced hosting with 10 e-mail account at entrepreneur price for the first 3 years.

Elteunegoci .cat

We teach you how to create and manage your first geolocated website, accessible from any device and with .cat. This includes 1 e-mail address, training and support. Ideal for when you need everything!

.cat 1 or 2 characters

Identify your brand or special project with the limited edition domains that form part of the .cat “Premium” category. Interested parties must file an application.

Parents Association

The school Parents Association deserve a clear and easy to remember website. Special offer to teach you how to create, update and edit your own website with a clear address that identify you.


100% online training addressed to those who have achieved an ACTIC certificate and are unemployed. Includes all the tools needed to create a website and an email with a .cat domain.