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.cat is more than the domain of Catalan content. It is identity, belonging and opportunities. Reach the right offer to the right users.
Why a .cat

Do you have a local product? Think globally, act locally

Project proximity and trust to your customers. Show your Km.0 products!
Why a .cat

The only domain that serves you in Catalan

Call us or write to us whenever you want. We have a fantastic and close support service.
Why a .cat

Your website is even more secure with a .cat domain

Any .cat can have DNSSEC, which provides more security for your users and their transactions.
Why a .cat

Get a domain in Catalan

.cat accepts all Catalan special characters (à; ç; è ​​é; í; ï; ll·l; ò; ó; ú; ü). The only domain that accepts Catalan as it is.
Why a .cat

Experiencies .cat

Discover what's moving on in the digital world in Catalan!

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