What is an Internet domain?

A domain is a unique name that identifies a website on the internet. Regardless of the contents of the site, domains are primarily used to translate IP addresses into simple names that are easy to remember. Without internet domains, you would have to remember the IP ( instead of the domain address (https://fundació.cat).

Domains also enable you to personalise an e-mail address, such as (correu@fundació.cat).

Can anyone purchase a .cat domain, regardless of their location, just like a .com or a .org?

How do you know if a domain name is free?

Can I register any domain name?

How is a domain registered?

How do you choose a registrar?

How do you choose a domain name?

How long does it take a .cat domain from the time it is registered until it becomes active?

I have my .cat, but I can't see my website. What should I do?

I have my .cat domain. How do I use it for my website?

Can I have the same website with other domain extensions? If I add .cat to my website, will I lose my other domains?

Can websites with any contents be registered with .cat?

Can .cat domains have any combination of letters and numbers?

Can I register a .cat domain with accents, umlauts, l·l, or cedilla?

I have never seen domains with accents. Does it really work?

Who manages the .cat domain?

Why can I not contract a .cat directly with the .cat Foundation?

What do I need to have an e-mail with a .cat domain?

You have two options.

If you want an e-mail account linked to a .cat website, you can register the domain name you want with any of the registrars included in our price comparison. Once you have your domain, it is easier to contract the e-mail accounts through your registrar. It is bound to offer an interesting package that you can adapt to your needs.

If you have contracted the e-mail service with another company that is not your registrar, you must add the data of this service to the DNS of your domain. If you don’t know how to do this, ask your registrar.

If you want an e-mail account with .cat without having a website, we offer a pack that will help you easily obtain it. We have prepared this in collaboration with a registrar, and if you need help, you can consult them. Remember that you can have up to 10 e-mail accounts linked to the same domain with this option.

I want an e-mail account with the .cat domain. Which name should I register to have e-mail?

Can I create different e-mail addresses with the same domain?

I have the professional .cat e-mail package. How many inboxes can I create?

Can I create an e-mail address with accents, umlauts, l·l, or cedilla?

Can I change the name of an e-mail address?

How is an e-mail forwarded?

How do you send an e-mail from your usual address as if you had sent if from the .cat address?

Can I have different e-mail addresses and manage the messages from just one of them?

Can I consult the messages sent to my .cat address from my usual address?

Can you change registrar once you have contracted the domain for your e-mail account?

Which are the authorised .cat registrars?

See the list of registrars accredited with the ICANN to be able to register .cat domains. Consult their products and prices and choose the most interesting one. Remember that the domain must be registered through one of these registrars and is not possibly directly through the .cat Foundation.

Which is the best .cat domain registrar?

How is a domain transferred from one registrar to another?

I want to offer .cat domains to my customers. How can I become an authorised registrar?

Is there any other way of offering .cat domains to my customers without being an ICANN-authorised registrar?

How much does the .cat domain cost?

The end sales price of the domain depends on each registrar and on the additional services added to the domain, or the characteristics of the .cat pack you select.

Some sell just the domain, other include other features as standard for the same price, such as hosting or e-mail. Consult this price comparison table of the different registrars either to register a domain or to renew it every year.

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Why does the price of the .cat domains vary depending on the registrar?

Why is .cat not the same price as .es or .com, for example?

How do you pay for a domain?

After the first year, how much do I have to pay for my .cat domain?

If the register or registrar blocks my domain, am I given a refund?

Do you offer promotions? What are their conditions?

Throughout the year, apart from negotiating joint promotions with any registrars wishing to do so, we also offer special promotions for registration and renewal. Each promotion has its own characteristics and different start and end dates.

How are the renewal promotions like?

Where will I receive the promotion code?

Are there also promotions for registering .cat domains?

How long do I have to exchange a discount code?

Can I use the code with any registrar?

How many codes can I request?

Can I renew my domain at any time?

How is a .cat domain renewed?

How much does it cost to renew the .cat domain?

What conditions are there for registering a .cat domain name?

There aren’t any for registering. Anyone can register a .cat, wherever they are from and wherever they live. The only condition for using it is, if you have a website, it must have a significant amount of contents in Catalan.

Is there a document that explains the conditions for registering a .cat domain?

Are any checks made to find out whether you are abiding by the regulations?

What happens if a domain does not fulfil the conditions? Could you suspend me?

Can suspended domains be reactivated?

For what reasons can a domain be blocked and what should I do to unblock it?

What is the lifecycle of the domains?

I want to learn more about the .cat Regulations

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