posicionament dominis .cat

Did you know that the .cat domain have a better seo positioning?

Thanks to an independent study on the positioning of the .cat domain, conducted by Fernando Macià and the consulting firm Human Level, we were able to establish that the .cat domain achieves better visibility in search results.

Why does a .cat domain rank better?

Better indexing: the study found that pages with .cat domains were indexed better than pages with .es and .com domains. Improved indexing increases the chances of appearing in search results.


Content quality: pages with .cat domains often provide quality content in Catalan. Factors such as originality, relevance, and content length help improve their positioning.


Language match: .cat domains are associated with the Catalan language, which makes it easier for search engines to identify the content as relevant for searches in this language.


Geolocation: .cat domains are often found on servers located in Catalonia. This geographical proximity improves loading speed and user experience, factors considered important in the ranking algorithm.


Diversity: Google's algorithm, for example, may prioritize domain diversity. This means that less common domains like .cat may have an advantage, as some search engines aim to vary the domains displayed in search results.

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