Why a .cat?

Because we are entrepreneurs, innovators, and we enjoy driving projects that support the progress of Catalan-speaking territories.

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Digital independence and exclusivity

We know that .cat is not for everyone, and that’s what makes it even more special. With a .cat, you don’t just have a domain, you have a unique identity that makes you the absolute protagonist of your online presence. Away from the policies of social networks and free services, here you are the owner of your content.

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Privacy and security guaranteed

We protect your data like the most precious treasure. With features like private Whois and security measures like DNSSEC, we ensure a safe digital environment free from risks and suspicious content. We offer an extra level of security for online transactions.

Find the ideal domain name and improve your SEO

A .cat domain puts you at the forefront of searches in Catalan, reinforcing your online presence, but this is not just our claim; it’s stated by an independent study confirming that with a .cat domain, your website has an additional advantage in ranking over others in Catalan searches.

Despite its widespread acceptance, with over 100,000 domains registered, the options are endless to find the perfect domain name for your project.

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A domain that supports startups

From small startups to established companies, a .cat domain gives you the boost you need to stand out in a competitive digital environment. Internationally recognized, .cat opens doors to new business opportunities.

Through the .cat domain, we support events and business networks to promote entrepreneurship and local development, thus contributing to making the language a driver of the economy.

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A domain for every need

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a non-profit organization, or a growing business, we have the perfect domain for you. With a .cat domain, your online presence is guaranteed.

Moreover, registering a .cat domain can secure your name and protect your brand within the Catalan digital space.

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A domain that respects the environment

We are not only pioneers in the world of domains but also in environmental preservation. We use green energy to keep our servers running and contribute to making the Internet a more eco-friendly space.

Competitive prices and promotions

We collaborate with our network of registrars to ensure you always find competitive prices and regular promotions. Now, getting a .cat domain is easier than ever. Join the domain party without price being an obstacle.

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Social responsibility

We reinvest our income in programs aimed at strengthening Catalan culture and language on the Internet. Additionally, we support innovative technological projects in Catalan, contributing to the development of the Catalan-speaking digital community.

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