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.cat 1 and 2 characters

The domains with 1 and 2 characters are limited edition.

They are designed to inspire, to build special projects and to identify yourself with pride inside and outside the .cat community.

Applicants must take into consideration:

  • Domain’s pertinence and availability
  • The applicant’s background and relationship with the domain
  • Intention of use of the domain
Although there’s no application form needed, these domains won't be activated immediately. All requests will be revised by the Fundació .cat for a final validation
These domains include the respective IDN's
Must also have content in Catalan
They have a higher sale and renewal price that will be established by each registrar

Do you want to register a 1 or 2 character .cat domain?

These are the registrars that offer .cat domains of 1 or 2 characters. Check the conditions with the registrar of your choice.