Codi descompte .cat

I have a discount code

A discount code is designed to help you register or renew a .cat domain with better conditions.
Whether you have a creation or renewal code, here's how to take advantage of it.

How to use a code?

1. Verify the validity date of the code
You will find the exact expiration date of the code in the email you received or in the same medium where you have the code, whether physical or electronic.

2. Do you want to register a domain with code?
Choose any of the registrars you will find below, unless at the time we gave you the code, we had explicitly stated to you that the code corresponds to a particular registrar.

3. Make a renewal
Verify that the domain is registered with one of the registrars that accept promotional codes.

In any case, keep in mind that codes only offer a discount on the domain price. The final price to be paid depends on the registrar and the services contracted.


If you have gotten a code during our renewal promotions, remember that codes will be automatically sent to the email listed in the domain owner’s details.

Before requesting the codes, you have to verify that your data is updated in your registrar’s control panel. By regulation, we cannot send codes to emails that do not correspond to that of the domain owner.

Keeping your details up to date will simplify the renewal process.

Renewal price with code
Renewal price with code
Renewal price with code
Renewal price with code
Don Dominio
Renewal price with code
Renewal price with code

Renew your domain anytime!

A domain can be renewed at any time anytime before the expiration date. And since you can renew it for the period you want, you don’t have to wait for the renewal date! If you make an early renewal, the due date is not advanced.

This means that if your domain expires on November 11, 2024 and you renew on June 10, 2024 for another year, your domain will remain active until November 11, 2025 and this will be the new expiration date.