Registrars’ Insights: The Keys to the .cat Domain

10 August 2023
Els registradors opinen

During the meeting with registrars, we wanted to take the opportunity to address some current topics that affect domains. The digital world has long played a crucial role in our daily lives and continues to evolve constantly. How does this impact the domain space? What value does a domain like .cat hold in this new reality?

Are Social Networks a Threat to Domains?

We spoke with Víctor Baños, Head of the Commercial Department at Dinahosting, about the use of social networks and whether they can pose a threat. According to his experience, social networks have changed the way people connect, share information, and interact online. They serve as an excellent platform for interaction and engagement with the audience, but their content can be ephemeral and quickly forgotten in the constant flow of information. In contrast, domains provide a stable and permanent foundation for content, which is essential for accessibility, trust, and long-term brand building.

While some individuals may choose to use social networks exclusively for their digital needs, domains remain a fundamental tool for a comprehensive and professional online presence. Instead of viewing social networks as a threat, it is more productive to consider them as an opportunity to complement and expand the online presence, using domains to delve into information, credibility, and digital identity.


The Importance of Language and Culture Domains like .cat for Registrars

Manuela Becerra, Country Manager at Nominalia, explains that a domain representing a cultural and linguistic community like the .cat domain offers unique and meaningful value in the digital environment. It adds uniqueness and authenticity to online presence, reinforcing relevance and coherence in an increasingly diverse digital world.

Simran Ahuja, Registry Relations Manager at the registrar Openprovider, has closely witnessed the value of .cat for the Catalan-speaking community. “For a registrar in the Netherlands, being able to offer the .cat domain is a great opportunity, both to promote it internationally and to meet the demand of the community itself.”


How Can Domains Help Protect Your Brand on the Internet?

We spoke with two experts in Internet brand protection who provide advice on how to protect our brand and the dangers of not doing so in time.

Mònica Sorribas, Brand Protection Consultancy Area Manager at Ubilibet, warns that “if we are not proactive in protecting our brand on the Internet from the beginning, we may encounter very difficult problems to solve and give others ample opportunity to damage our brand.”

On the other hand, Alberto Blanch, Business Development Manager for Web Presence at Arsys, explains that “in addition to domains related to our geolocation or language, we must consider extensions that could harm our brand. That’s why it’s important to have tools to block others from registering our brand with domain extensions like .adult or .xxx.”

More than 50 registrars support and offer the .cat domain, all of them highlighting its uniqueness and believing that it adds value to the Catalan-speaking community in the digital environment. Having a close relationship with all these registrars helps us grow .cat and improve the offering for users.

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