Interview with the registrar: cdmon

June 10, 2024
el domini .cat entrevista a Cdmon

From the .cat domain, we interview David Blanch, Digital Director of cdmon, who has an extensive track record in managing digital projects and online marketing strategies. Specialized in developing innovative technological solutions, he has significantly contributed to positioning cdmon as a benchmark in the sector. His commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction are fundamental pillars in his leadership.

How did cdmon start in the Domain Industry?

cdmon was born in 2002, with the intention of providing a service to offer an online presence. Our initial mission was to offer quality technology to our clients and do so in a transparent, understandable, and trustworthy manner, allowing them to focus on content creation and project development. Progressively, we incorporated web hosting and domain registration services.

After 6 years of offering these services and with over 55,000 domains under our management, in 2008 we received official accreditation as ICANN Registrars, allowing us to offer domain registrations directly, without intermediaries. This accreditation allowed us to offer better services and tools for domain management.

What is your mission?

cdmon’s mission is to create an open and quality Internet where everyone can be. We imagine a world where all people can transform their lives by creating their own projects and showing them to the world. We want to open the doors to the endless possibilities that the Internet can offer to all people and communities.

We believe in a user-driven Internet, free and of quality, where users completely control their online experience. Thus, we are dedicated to providing tools and services that facilitate this vision, fostering greater accessibility and control for the user.

What is your value proposition compared to other domain registrars?

Our value proposition focuses on returning control to users, offering a service that prioritizes ethics and digital freedom. We are committed to transparency, responsibility, and digital sovereignty, elements that define our way of operating.

We combat questionable commercial practices and eliminate customer lock-in, betting on complete transparency where honesty is key in every interaction with our users. We guarantee the digital sovereignty of users, ensuring total control over their data without barriers to its management.

At cdmon, we believe in a user-driven Internet, where they have complete control over their online experience, offering a service characterized by total transparency: no surprises, just security and total control. With this approach, we remain committed to creating a better and fairer Internet for all.

How has the demand for domains evolved over the years, and how are you addressing current market challenges?

The demand for domains has experienced exponential growth over the years, especially with the rise of e-commerce and the growing need for online presence for both businesses and personal users. Since our ICANN accreditation in 2008, when we managed 55,000 domains, we have grown to manage more than 220,000 domains today.

To address current market challenges, we have continuously adapted and expanded our service offerings. This includes implementing advanced security solutions to protect our clients’ digital assets and optimizing our technological infrastructure. These adjustments allow us to guarantee high availability and optimal performance, essential to support the increasing volume of traffic and online operations that our clients require.

This constant adaptation not only allows us to meet current client needs but also prepares us for future developments in the digital market, ensuring we remain competitive and relevant in a rapidly changing environment.

What advantages do you see in using a .cat domain for businesses and organizations with a presence in Catalan-speaking territories or that promote the Catalan language and culture?

Firstly, the .cat domain reinforces Catalan identity in the digital realm, something crucial for entities that want to connect directly with a community that values this cultural and linguistic identity.

Moreover, the .cat domain helps improve SEO positioning in search engines for Catalan content, making websites more accessible and visible to users interested in specific content from the region or Catalan culture. This factor is especially beneficial for companies looking to attract a specific audience that values Catalan as a distinctive element in their online communications. It also serves as a cultural and linguistic badge that can attract a specific audience, increasing segmentation and coherence in digital marketing strategies.

Finally, using a .cat domain can serve as a statement of principles about the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity in the digital world, contributing to greater visibility and recognition of the Catalan community globally.

What advice would you give to those considering using a .cat domain for their website or online project?

First, it is essential to select a domain provider that is an accredited official registrar. This ensures that the service you receive is of the highest quality and that the procedures are direct and without intermediaries, making the process more efficient and secure.

It is equally important to consider the proximity of hosting and technical support services. Working with a provider that has its servers and support team close to your users can significantly improve your website’s speed and response, as well as assistance when you need it.

Additionally, I recommend carefully reviewing the terms and conditions of the service. Avoid providers that use fine print in their contracts or have unclear policies about fees and renewals. At cdmon, we commit to offering total transparency in all our services, eliminating any confusion and ensuring that clients have complete control over their decisions.

Finally, get advice on the additional functionalities your domain registrar can offer. At cdmon, for example, we offer advanced domain management tools and additional security options that can protect your digital assets and improve your online presence.

Using a .cat domain not only reinforces your Catalan identity in the digital realm but also helps promote the Catalan language and culture, connecting more effectively with an audience that values these elements. Make sure your provider shares this vision and is prepared to help you achieve your digital goals.

From the .cat domain, we want to thank cdmon and especially David Blanch for his time and dedication in answering this interview.

The strength of .cat is its people, thank you for being part of it!

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