4 Domains, 10 Registrars And Beyoncé

June 8, 2023
Reunió registradors Barcelona 2023 | Domini .cat

The .cat, .barcelona, .gal, and .eus domains have shared our plans and perspectives with registrars in a working session to exchange our future plans, commercial actions for this year, and market evolution and internet trends forecasts.

The session started with a roundtable discussion featuring Josep Maria Ganyet and Marc Argemí, moderated by Albert Cuesta, on the impact of artificial intelligence on internet navigation and its influence on the domain market, as well as its relevance to security and online identity.

In the second part of the session, the domains presented current projects, as well as actions and perspectives for the coming months.

Topics such as the emergence of AI, changes in European legislation, and user data protection were discussed with the registrars. Other matters addressed included cybersecurity, the efforts made by domains to ensure secure navigation, and new possibilities for online identity certifications.

Events like today’s help us share experiences and opinions that enable us to collaborate with other domains and registrars to enhance user experience.

As an anecdote, we can mention that we shared the venue with Beyoncé. Well, the working session took place at the hotel where she is staying for her concert in Barcelona. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the chance to meet her.

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