Lyona, the multi-talented artist

05 February 2021

Director, illustrator, photographer and multi-disciplinary artist. Lyona is an extremely multi-talented artist who has illustrated books and directed music videos for bands, among others.

She transmits and communicates through her designs, which have not always been put on paper because she has also been involved in different audio-visual projects for musicians and singers.


Her main voice is the Lyona.cat website, which includes her work as an illustrator as well as the videos she has directed. She also has a space where she exhibits illustrations that anyone can buy. In short, it is her showcase to her private world.

“Why not a .com or a .es?” Lyona was asked. She was sure that .cat would be a good domain for expressing herself. Despite the fact that she could not image being able to cross borders with her .cat, her on-line store receives visits and orders from customers worldwide!

Vés a: lyona.cat

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