The .cat domain has launched a new website!

March 5, 2020

We have been waiting for this for some time and finally the .cat domain already has a new website. A renovated space, in terms of design and content, that have been restructured to make it more usable and user-friendly.

This website has a dual purpose:

1. Better structure the information about the .cat domain in order to explain, to those who may not already know it, which are its main characteristics.
2. Facilitate the search and choice experience of the desired domain, visualizing much more the active promotions (and the ones of the accredited registrars) and the products for each person, entity or company.

For those who are more curious, the website also includes a real-time statistics space on the .cat domain, where you can find registered, renewed and the evolution of the domains, official registrars and the most relevant data from Ja.cat and and Va.cat tools.

One of the hallmarks and value features of .cat is its support department. The website must also be a facilitator, a tool for anyone who has any doubts about the process of registering a .cat or their email, among others. The same space also contains tutorial videos that explain in a very attractive way how to solve or perform the most common actions with a .cat domain.

In short, a space to enjoy, discover and discover little by little. An open web and always alive.

Welcome to the new domain website .cat!

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