Protecting Your Brand on the Internet

June 30, 2023

Promoting a brand, service, or product on the Internet requires effort from the marketing, communication, management, customer service teams, and more. All this work and our reputation can be at risk if the brand is not well protected on the Internet.

We spoke with Mònica Sorribas from Ubilibet and Alberto Blanch from Arsys, experts in Internet brand protection, who provide some advice on how to protect our brand and the dangers of not doing so in time.

“If we are not proactive in protecting our brand on the Internet from the beginning, we may encounter very difficult problems to solve and give others ample opportunity to damage our brand.” – Mònica Sorribas, Brand Protection Consultancy Area Manager at Ubilibet.

“In addition to domains related to our geolocation or language, we must consider extensions that could harm our brand. That’s why it’s important to have tools to block others from registering our brand with domain extensions like .adult or .xxx.” – Alberto Blanch, Business Development Manager for Web Presence at Arsys.

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