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Bet on yourself!

An email can be a simple address or it can be your cover letter. Create a personalized, private email and start projecting yourself to the world.

Get out of the herd and differentiate yourself with your .cat email.

Get a .cat email

What is a .cat email?

It is an Email Address
It will help you to shop online, to contact family and friends, for work and for whatever you want.
It’s a way to be YOURSELF on the net.
You will get 1 email of 5 Gb
Mail alias settings
You can add the additional mailboxes you need
Spam protection
You can give a .cat email to anyone you want
Attention in Catalan

.cat email

Your .cat email at the best price

19,90 /year

Need more information?

Here you will find detailed information about the .cat email. For any questions, contact us by writing to suport@domini.cat.