.cat e-mail

An email is much more than an address.
It’s information and identity!

Free mail is very expensive (If it’s free, the product is you).
Get or give away a .cat email for only €19,90 the first year!

Your privacy is priceless.
Get a .cat email

19,90 /year*
VAT Included
1 .cat email account
What are the advantages of getting a .cat e-mail?
You will get 1 e-mail account of 5 Gb
You can configure up to 10 email alias
You can check your e-mails wherever you are (we’ll show you how to configure it on all your devices)
You can add as many additional mailboxes to your domain as you need
Antispam protection
If you like, you can redirect it to your current account
You will have a .cat domain without having to make a website
You can give a .cat email to whoever you want
Support in Catalan