Make the difference with your .cat email!

March 2, 2020
Com configurar .cat al Gmail

Email is one of the most used contact data at all levels. A communication tool that can help you identify your business, your professional profile or your personal brand on the Internet.

At .cat we offer you an email pack with 2 custom mailboxes that will allow you to:

Gain credibility: Both professional and personal, a personalized email identifies you and offers a serious and reliable image in front of your contacts.

Have a concise email address: Often when you want to register an email account with a free provider you can not register the address you have in mind because it is already registered and you have to look for alternatives that distort the main name and can be difficult to remember.

Be free of publicity: Free email accounts are usually linked to the use of advertising. Additionally, due to the composition of the mail nomdusuari@proveïdordecorreu.com it makes them an easy target for spam emitters. An email with own domain, on the other hand, is not linked to advertising and minimizes the risk of receiving spam.

With the .cat mail pack you will get:

2 5GB email accounts each.
Unlimited traffic to send all the emails you want.
Free .cat domain if you want to make your website.
Redirection of your usual email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo !, Hotmail …
Accessibility with all your devices. Set it up on your mobile, computer or tablet.

Get your .cat email

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