“A project that is so deep-rooted in the region and its producers would make no sense if it weren’t .cat”

January 2, 2020
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It’s the start of December, Christmas is around the corner, it’s time to buy gifts for family and friends… At work it’s secret Santa time again, and you’ve been given just what you didn’t want. Sure, there’s also some good things about this time of year! Bonus pay for the lucky ones or the Christmas hamper for others.

In 2012, Harcogourmet started business in the gift sector with the idea of offering small corporate gifts and event giveaways… Always with a very clear goal in mind: to surprise. Over time, we have adapted the project towards the preparation of Christmas hampers containing Catalan products, and lotsdenadal.cat was created. We spoke to Anna Llores, one of the names behind lotsdenadal.cat.


 What can we find at lotsdenadal.cat?

What you’ll find is Harcogourmet , a project based on quality, proximity, territory and surprise.  It is a project devoted to the design, preparation and distribution of Christmas hampers containing Catalan products. We offer our customers and our producers a friendly service. We offer an comprehensive service through an in-house production and logistics centre, managing all phases and ensuring optimum service guarantee. In short, we design the hamper, we prepare it, and we deliver it.

 Who is part of the lotsdenadal.cat team?

We are a young, highly driven team that has gained experience over the years, setting perfection as our goal. More than a team, we’re a small family formed by Montse, Xavi, Anna, Aziz, Mònica, Marcos and Quim, and we are growing with every year, learning things from each other and complementing each other, as each individual on the team is a fundamental part of the workings of Harcogourmet. And we mustn’t forget all the production and logistics personnel that help us turn the year-round work into a reality.

 What does lotsdenadal.cat have that makes it different from other websites where you can buy Christmas hampers?

We believe giving a Christmas hamper to be a good custom that shouldn’t be lost. But we want to take it even further. We want it to be an act of recognition with a hint of personalisation, which is why one of our strengths are the bespoke Christmas hampers because our goal is to surprise the recipient, and not just the employee or the customer. That’s why lotsdenadal.cat makes every effort to innovative, to make the process of giving corporate gifts increasingly easy and personal.

In terms of each hamper itself, we have some extremely different ranges.

The Tast Artesà includes the more traditional local products with a very welcoming packaging. The Pack Sibarita combines more ground-breaking products with wines that are real gems, and its packaging is also more elegant. This year, we have also introduced the Lot Natura, which includes vegan and organic Christmas hampers. We asked ourselves, if we want to surprise then why not do so with vegan and organic products? We defend everyone’s needs! And lastly, the bespoke Christmas hampers, which is not a range but a service we enjoy, because we love offering exactly what companies are looking for.

 What criteria do you follow when selecting the products for your Christmas hampers?

Our principle is that they must be Catalan products. After that, we’re always looking to ensure they’re the highest quality. Of course, each year we try to offer new products that have not yet been commercially sold, with a very clear basis: to surprise. Whether it be putting everything all together on the table, enjoying them separately, or making unique gourmet combinations and creations. You’ll find products in our Christmas hampers that you won’t find in other hampers. Very special products, not just for the quality of the product but also for the stories behind each producer we work with.                                                                                                     

When do you begin to process the orders?

It’s true that Christmas hampers are clearly associated to a time of the year. However, like everything, some people place their orders well in advance, and we understand them because we like to be foresighted too. There are others who always wait until the very last minute, which is why Harcogourmet is ready to help them, offering a comprehensive in-house production and logistics service. Everyone organises themselves however they see fit, and we adapt to the time. It may seem that we only work for this time of year, but the idea is to be ready at all times. 

What do you think lotsdenadal.cat will look like in to 5 years’ time?

Our project is constantly movement, but the essence that has brought us to this point remains. Harcogourmet is very different to how it was when it was created, and we love that. For the projects to evolve is a symptom of being truly alive, of having a soul. Harcogourmet has set a direction, and we want to continue more firmly along this route, innovating every day. Our aim is to reach more families every Christmas, ensuring we all enjoy the cuisine, with the desire to surprise them.

Why did you choose a .cat domain?

A project that is so deep-rooted in the region and its producers would make no sense if it weren’t .cat. Both at home and at work, we believe that we must all do our bit to give our land, our language, and our traditions the value they deserve. It was quite clear that, if we sell Christmas hampers containing Catalan products then the .cat was essential, so it will always be our domain. So we chose it quite naturally. It’s a way of defending proximity, which is one of our mainstays.

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