We attend ICANN 78’s Zero Day to address the European NIS2 Directive

October 27, 2023

Today, we are attending the Zero Day session, organized by Eco and ICANN, addressing the European NIS2 Directive in Hamburg, ahead of the annual ICANN 78 congress. We are joined by 200 individuals concerned about the changes in this regulation.

This topic is of significant importance as it highlights how the European Union regulates and how its regulations can impact an international institution like ICANN, with ramifications in a global market and thousands of organizations worldwide.

At the Fundació .cat, we are closely monitoring the developments of this implementation, as it will affect the domains we manage, making it a crucial issue for the near future.

During this session, some of the key aspects of the regulation and how it may affect us were discussed. We have noted that there are still many uncertainties surrounding this, which will likely not be clarified until the publication of national transpositions before October 2024.

In the meantime, the Fundació .cat is beginning its preparations and will closely follow the progress of this matter.

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