Participation of the .cat domain and the Digitalitzem-nos project in the first Digital Networking Day of Central Catalonia

March 15, 2024
particpació al primer networking digital de la Catalunya Central

On February 29th, Manresa hosted the first networking event for the technological and digital sector of Central Catalonia. Owners of small and medium-sized businesses from the area gathered in the conference room of the Els Noguers hotel in Manresa for a roundtable organized by the digital consultancy Orvit Digital in collaboration with the training center Cidet Manresa, the Digitalitzem-nos project, the .cat domain, and ElNacional.cat as a collaborating media.

The roundtable brought together prestigious speakers. Alexa Moseguí, senior Computer Vision Engineer at Near Space Labs, Dani Camarero, SEO Manager at Media Markt, Jordi Solà, Co-founder of Cubus Games, and Pau Virós, B2B Ecommerce Manager at Abacus, were some of the distinguished professionals present.

The event began with a review of the most relevant digital advances of 2023 by Gemma Fontané and Jord Bardenas, co-founders of Orvit Digital. Aspects such as Google’s ChatGPT (Gemini), the launch of Google Analytics 4, the acquisition of Twitter by billionaire Elon Musk, and the concept of the metaverse were highlighted. The role of Sora, an AI tool that creates videos, GPTs allowing the customization of digital tools through AI, and virtual reality glasses were also emphasized.

domini .cat al networking de la catalunya central

During the roundtable, various aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) were addressed. It was argued that AI will not replace jobs but will redefine them, but also the need to certify products generated by this technology was highlighted. In addition, the challenge of integrating AI into education was emphasized. Parallelly, there was discussion about the ethical challenges and the importance of cybersecurity regarding AI, as well as its impact on environmental sustainability.

Participants also reflected on the future of digital marketing, with Moseguí highlighting the potential of TikTok and Solà emphasizing the importance of versatility in the use of digital tools.

To conclude, experts offered practical advice for business digitalization, emphasizing the importance of defining objectives and finding the appropriate technology for each company’s needs.

After the roundtable, a networking space was provided for interaction between entrepreneurs and digital sector experts, offering a unique opportunity to establish alliances and share knowledge.

From .cat domain and Digitalitzem-nos, we believe in initiatives throughout the territory and actively participate in events like this that highlight the importance of digitalization in business.

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