Characteristics of the .cat

It allows for use of the characters in the Catalan alphabet (IDN)

Any .cat domain accepts the eleven special characters in Catalan (à, ç, è é, í, ï, l·l, ò, ó, ú, ü). Furthermore, when registering a domain using any of these characters, you can have the same domain without the accents free of charge. For example, if fundació.cat is registered, you also obtain fundacio.cat for the same price. These two domains behave like just one and allow for access to the domain using keyboards that do not include our characters.

Accepts an extra security level (DNSSEC)

The DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) is a cryptographic code that ensures the domain name is correctly converted to its IP address, providing an extra level of security to the domain in question. It is especially designed for websites on which electronic transactions are performed, or those dealing with sensitive data. Any .cat domain can have one, simply request it when registering with whoever your domain is contracted.

Privacy for individuals (Whois private)

The .cat domain allows for the contact details of the individuals making a non-commercial use of your domains to be hidden free of charge, thanks to the implementation of an internal data protection service.