Give a .cat

Do you want to make a practical and original gift?

This is the easiest way to help someone have a .cat mail. Simplify the way of the people you love so that they can have an operational .cat email address from the first moment and on any device!

19,90€ /year
VAT included
1 .cat email account
What does it include?
1 .cat email account
With 5 Gb of space and antispam protection. And if you want, you can add more accounts!
1 .cat domain
You will have a .cat without having a web page
You can check your email wherever you want
We teach you how to configure your email on all your devices
Privacy for you and your messages
A personalized and private email. Because when something is free, the product is you!
Customer service in Catalan
You can call us, send us an email or check our help page
If you wish, you can redirect your .cat mail to your usual email account


What is an Internet domain?

A domain is a unique name that identifies a website on the Internet so that the brands or owners of a website are identified in a comfortable and easy way for users and their customers. For example, domini.cat.

Domains also allow you to personalize an email, for example suport@domini.cat.

What are the advantages of having a paid email?

Do I have to choose the domain name or email that I want to give as a gift?

They gave me a .cat: what can I do to use it now?